London Workshops

Image Source: The Numinous

Saturday 30th March 
2-4:30pm @ The Yoga Edge Streatham 
£30 Book here

Spring is a time of renewal. The nights are lighter and days brighter, we enthusiastically awaken from our winter slumber and embrace the faster pace of life that comes with the longer days. Too often however, we shift from our yin state of mild hibernation straight into an overly yang pace of life.

In this workshop we’ll look at our tendencies in the West to work in extremes; either burning the midnight oil, or burning out completely, and instead focus on welcoming in a middle ground. We’ll use journaling to see where we might be holding onto stagnation in the mind and then shift our focus to manifest what we want to draw in. Lauren will guide you through a gentle flow sequence to disperse of any stagnant energy in the body and then you’ll settle into a Yin spring cleanse that will set you up nicely for the season.

“The three months of spring are the time of renewal: the old and stale dissipates, heaven and earth come to life, and everything blossoms. Rest at night and get up early, stride freely through the courtyard, let your hair down and indulge in the leisurely feeling of a morning stroll; this is how you should raise your spirits in spring. Foster all life and do not kill, be generous and agreeable, give freely and do not punish. This is the way of honoring the qi of spring and nourishing life during this season. Going against these characteristics of the seasonal flow will have harmful affects on the liver” – Gao Lian


Price £30. Membership discounts apply.