Yogi Beach Haven by the river

As with all dreams, they can sometimes take a while to really get off the ground but once you start taking baby steps even the most seemingly unobtainable vision can become a reality.

My BIG goal is to one day own my own yoga studio / home by the beach somewhere sunny but as a hard-up events manager / writer / yoga teacher saving the money to make those dreams a reality is going to take some time.

Rather than getting disillusioned though, I’m a firm believer in manifesting the life you really want with a mixture of positive thinking and a whole load of hard work!

So after months of teacher training, building up some experience by teaching friends, volunteering at my local studio and building up a small following at my local bootcamp, I’m finally ready to launch my first ever studio class for Yogi Beach Haven.

YBH studio

Ok, so it’s not quite the beach but personally I think that St Mary’s Church by the river in Putney is as close to a chilled out ‘beachy’ venue as I’m going to find in London. Just look at the sunlight streaming in through those big windows, who wouldn’t want to escape the mayhem down below for an hour of mindful, flowing practice on the mat?

Every Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm, I’ll be taking my students through a 60-minute Vinyasa sequence that aims to work every part of the body whilst synchronizing the movement to the breath. The purpose of this is to bring some mindfulness to our practice, taking us out of our constantly busy over-thinking minds, to find some peace in the middle of the mayhem.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years, you’ll leave feeling uplifted and glowing, much like after a day at the beach!

Head to the class schedule for more info on booking your spot and to hear about the intro offer.

I can’t wait to see your smiling faces on the mat!

Lauren x

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